A utility engineering site with steel pipelines, valve and gauges

Whether it’s how energy is generated, distributed, sold or metered, there can be no doubt the utility sector has undergone massive change in relatively few years.

From deregulation in 1989 to today, energy firms have been leveraging innovation and new technology to gain an edge – and more customers. Similarly, the water sector experienced its biggest change in 30 years when, in April 2017, business customers could start shopping around for suppliers. Changing from a local monopoly to open market retailer brought an influx of new technologies to source, manage and service customers.

With customers demanding more, a tough competitive landscape, and regulators keeping a close eye, utilities need to rely on their IT estate to deliver.

We’ve worked with several leading utility firms to test their systems and help them stay on top of technology changes. When service outages can be front page news, they know that system reliability is crucial.

Testing Services for Utilities

Making full use of our experience, we provide utilities with:


Why choose Prolifics Testing?

We have the knowledge, experience and skills to support utility firms with their testing.

We've worked with Big Six energy companies, and can provide a range of delivery methods to match your requirements and budgets.

We also hold the quality management, process and security accreditations you need for due diligence.

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