Four children in India being helped by Help a Poor Child, the charity set-up by Prolifics Testing's UK Head of Testing Practice, Derrick Pereira

Help a Poor Child (HAPC) was founded in 1980 by the UK Head of Testing Practice, Derrick Pereira.

When visiting India, Derrick was presented with a challenge by an Indian nun, Mother Colombiere, of "doing something for the poor". He returned to the UK, fired-up by the challenge, and set-up Help a Poor Child.

Most of the children HAPC works with are deprived to an unimaginable degree. There is no education, little food, endemic diseases, high levels of disability, parental rejection, working from as early as five years old or begging/scavenging for survival. There is no help for them and no hope either, as children's affairs have no priority.


Help a Poor Child (HAPC) logo

Today, with the generous support of donors and volunteers, and through children and family assistance programs, HAPC is giving hope to children and adults across Asia and Africa affected by extreme poverty.

HAPC provides programmes that help save lives, bring hope, restore dignity and raise their physical and educational levels in a meaningful, lasting way. It also works to safeguard, protect and preserve the physical and mental health of children and their parents.

You can read more about their Projects, find out how to sponsor a child and read their latest news.

Prolifics Testing has supported HAPC’s construction of a village school in The Gambia and staff members have performed a variety of roles on the Executive Committee.

Help a Poor Child is a registered charity, number 1003359.

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